In a two-page note written by MMRDA commissioner, he accepts that infrastructure development is “need of the hour” for Mumbai otherwise people will lose their bread and butter.


  • People have alleged that Mumbai Metro construction is disturbing environment
  • MMRDA commissioner says infrastructure development is also important
  • Commissioner says environment disturbance is temporary

In the past, there have been multiple allegations on the government of Maharashtra and Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) for disturbing and destructing the environment.

The destruction and disturbance is said to be caused by the construction of many Metro lines in Mumbai.

Now, the MMRDA has written to the people of Mumbai.

The Authority has accepted that the environment will be disturbed due to the development of infrastructure. But, the MMRDA also said that this disturbance is temporary.

In a two-page note written by MMRDA commissioner RA Rajeev, he accepted that infrastructure development is “need of the hour” for Mumbai otherwise people will lose their bread and butter.

Speaking to India Today TV, RA Rajeev said, “During Metro construction many things are taken into consideration. It is a green project. However, having said that there will be problems to the environment but those are temporary problems and we are simultaneously rectifying it. Infrastructure is need of the hour.”

The letter, available with India Today TV, said that Mumbai is a unique city; it needs special treatment as far as infra developments are concerned. Mumbai also needs to protect its green cover.


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