Ukraine may soon accept cryptocurrency payment on their own public transportation system. Though this news had been heard from the country last year in which it got cancelled, the government of Ukraine seemed to be firm on its decision now.

Kiev Plans To Introduce Bitcoin In Public Transport

According to a local news site iaftnews, the plan to implement crypto payment on public transport may soon be experienced in the country’s capital city, Kiev. These transportation mediums include public trains, subways, buses, route taxis and many more.

As explained by the Kiev City State Administration (KCSA), the decision to expand their methods of payment in public transports are dedicated for the public to enjoy the usage of virtual currencies but most importantly, in order for the country’s transport system to be aligned with the other major countries’ transport infrastructure.

It was reported that Dubai and Argentina already pitched the same transport system payment on their countries– using their own versions named NOL card and SUBE travel card.

Not Again

Despite this, many citizens in Kiev still doubt this plan since KCSA already announced the same project last year but got denied. However, the department already clarified that they did not push on their crypto payment plan last year due to the value of bitcoin back then– which was too high– which may according to them, will discouraged the public to use the cryptos.

No Turning Back Now

As a matter of fact, the mindset to enhance the usage of cryptos were also expressed by Timur Khromaev– Ukraine’s chairman of National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) and head of the Committee on Development Strategy and Economic Analysis of Stock Market. He stated in 2018 that cryptos must be “recognized and be use to formulate paths into allowing interaction with them.”

Smart Cards For Easy Transport

Additionally, as a proof that Ukraine is now firm to introduce bitcoin payment on their transport system, the government lately launched their own transport cards called Kyiv Smart Cards.

These prepaid cards went on sale on February this year. As explained, commuters may easily tap one card for all of their public transportation as a mode of their payment. With the use of these cards and Kiev’s soon implementation of bitcoin payment, the city expects a smooth drive on their way for bitcoin adoption. One step at a time.


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